Friday, April 10, 2009

Things I learned from Wikipedia

The Russian government decided that their weapon of choice against Estonia is spam. Cyberwar? Why didn't anyone tell me about this when it happened?
Koni has a larger page than Barney and a much larger page than Miss Beazly.
Florence Harding is in the running for most interesting underrated first lady. And Eleanor Roosevelt was not the only lesbian first lady, Rose Cleveland (okay, not the president's wife) was too.
Apparently there has to be an organization with a fancy name for a total of six operating "Intentional Communities" This and this one with the stupid name are worth checking out.
Autonomous buildings are a sort of captivating idea, mostly because the Dymaxion House is one, and you know how I feel about that.
Human scale is a pretty obvious concept that did not need a wikipedia page.
One of the first Car Free Days was in Reykjavík. They really like fireworks and have the largest geothermal heating and cooling system in the world.
And the Dubai Police Force prints their email addresses on their cars.
And there's pirates in the news. Next, you'll hear about zombies, unicorns, ninjas, and warewolves uniting to free the guy being held captive.

2 Fab Fans:

Luna Moon said...

randomness. But I love the Eleanor Roosevelt thing.

Aeromax said...

TV Tropes > Wikipedia, as concerns interesting stuff to read. Then again, editing the latter for 3 years (and wading through the associated swamps of crap) might have dulled my interest in it...

also: Dymaxion House \m/