Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I should be doing my Bio homework, but instead I'm explaining to myself why meat causes so many problems. This is one of those dumb ideas that will be funny later. Trust me.

Problems caused by meat
  • World Hunger
  • Bird Flu
  • Pig Flu
  • Genocide in Rawanda
Someone is going to say this is irrational. I could explain it, but I'd like to hear your explanations for the connections first.
I'm really not crazy. I promise.

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Luna Moon said...

Okay, I get the flus. And with world hunger, I'm just going to assume a lack of meat. Or other necessary nutrients that meat lacks.

But the genocide? What did they do, fight over farmland?

And HIV? It was mutated into a human disease from animals/infect meat?

I have no clue, I'd like to hear this.

LittleTree said...

I do not know if meat is to blame for all of the above. Actually, it is human interaction isn't it. In the natural world you have survival of the fittest. Wait, I am in the natural world, am I amongst the fittest? Well, I have offered you nothing, but I would love to hear your arguements as to why meat is to blame. Peace

LittleTree said...

oh ya, you forgot Mad Cow . . . Cant forget mad cow . . .

Samantha said...

World Hunger: The amount of food used as feed for various meat animals produces less calories (when eaten as meat) than it would if it was just eaten by humans.
I forgot mad cow and global warming.