Friday, April 24, 2009


It's Friday.
I like this part of the school year. I've finally gotten used to everything, it's getting warmer, I'm getting hyper, it's all good. Then it ends, because that's the way the world works.
I spent last night at a school board meeting. They were talking about cutting any programs that make school good, but not sports. Most of us will go on to be professional athletes, so clearly sports are the most important parts of our education. Fortunately, the arts people organized and a bunch of them got up to talk. Most of them were better speakers than the adults, which I think says something about the lasting skills that things like drama and broadcasting and debate give you.
I'm taking my driving test tomorrow, assuming there isn't another epic equipment failure like there was on Wednesday.
What would be the most interesting time period to live in? I've decided that it's either the Enlightenment or WWII. We've been talking about this for a while, and I feel that one of the fundamental questions is whether you're born when you were actually born and have some knowledge of the time period, or are you a person who was actually born in that time, not knowing what will happen next. I think I'd prefer to be born now and time travel. It's good to know what's happening next and be able to see the bigger picture. Honestly, I think that's the main problem with the government, is that they'll never know for sure how their actions will affect the future until it's too late to change anything.
I'm considering buying a new pair of Chuck Taylors. What colour should I get?
I'm asking myself why we bother with all of this. This strange society that we've just constructed for ourselves, that we put so much effort into. Why? Why do we have it, why do we need it? If it was abolished, putting humans back at the beginning of our history, would we turn into the same thing we are now? What if we had the same technology that we have now, but less people and no government?
I want to find a good answer for "Why Europe?". Somebody put it on the summer list.
I have no idea what I want to do if I grow up. However, I do know what my house will look like. Next time I can't think of anything to blog about, I'll tell you. It will be trippy. But not, you know, that kind of trippy. Because that would be wrong.
I looked up someone on Facebook who I never expected to find, but then....they were there. It was weird/shocking. Nah, shocking is too strong a word. I need to learn more adjectives.
Why do I spend so much time thinking of the future? It's the only thing that I can think about and think about without ever getting tired of it. Why is the concept of me in five, ten, twenty years so interesting?
This makes me ashamed to be human. Please, just remember that things that you say that don't seem like a big deal really are to the person on the other end of it.

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