Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I need to finish my homework. I fell asleep too early, and now it's 4:20 and I need to make a calendar of all my studying. Fun.
I think money is a series of ridonkulous promises. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Ohhhh. I've just finished Give and Take, which is the book from Concord Free Press. I need to give it away to someone. It contains some...uhhh..."adult themes" so you've been warned. If you want it, leave a comment. First comment gets the book. Yay.

3 Fab Fans:

Vague Verity said...

I'd take it.

If you could find me.

bellacaterina said...

*waves frantically* Mememememe!

Admittedly, I've never heard of this book... but that makes it even more exciting, no?

bellacaterina said...

It has come to my attention that you posted this early in the morning today, and I'm therefore quite late in commenting.

I blame Google Reader. Or, you know, myself.