Saturday, November 8, 2008

Smart and Responsible.

According to a survey conducted by me, I can be described as both of these (about some things, according to one individual). Now, since I was doing this survey, there is a (very large) chance that people were just saying yes because it's the answear that they thought I wanted to hear.
On Friday, I did two things that do not fall into either catagory. I forgot the permission slip for something that I had known about for quite some time and I did really badly on my AP Euro test.
When one of my friends found out that I'm in regular English, he said it shattered his idea of me. I guess I seem like someone who's smart and responsible. My mom says that I seem like the kind of person who "Goes home and hits the books" Now, before we point out how ridiculous that sentence sounds, I'm going to say that it's nor true. You know this because of the amount of time I spend blogging and writing and looking at wonderful cars that they won't sell in America (who knew that the new Fiesta was so...cute?) and looking at ApartmentTherapy. O ApartmentTherapy, you are my downfall. I just check it once, and I'm on there for hours. Not a responsible move.
Smart? I don't feel smart. My grades don't feel smart. The amount I study doesn't feel smart. I guess we could relate this to the issue of responsiblity and time managment and the fact that for a good part of my school carrear, I was the smart kid who didn't have to work, and that change is alarming.

The main point: Your idea of me is different than the real me and my idea of me.