Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shiny and Wonderful.

I feel like that anyways. See the new layout? Like it? Andrea made it. She used to have websites, but now she has no web presence, not even a Facebook. Sigh. I think it's very cool.
Current wordcount-8550. So behind, right? Need more words. Anybody want to donate some?
Apart from the wordcount woes, I'm doing okay with my NaNo right now. One of my friends thinks that it feels like a Twilight rip off. I really don't think it does, because Eia's cynical and has a fabulous friend who may or may not be based off of the individual who pointed out the Twilight thing. Existing near me? It comes back to bite you.

Eia walked until the sun started to turn beautiful shades of red and pink and purple and orange with the sunset. She turned around and headed home, cutting through a few backyards of people who wouldn’t mind so that she could get home before it was pitch black outside.

Also, officially six months until I can get my license!!!

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