Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Why are we so obsessed with the little things?
What's important?
How can we be sure that any of this is real?
Is it okay to lie to make someone feel better?
Why do people kill people?
Are there really any new ideas left?
Whose side is God on?
Is racism over?
Why am I such a slacker?
Why can't God bless everybody?
What's wrong with being number two?
How can we measure "goodness" of a book?
Does being illegal make something wrong?
Should I have gotten confirmed?
Is there something wrong with being different?
Why does everyone target people who are different?
Is pot worse than alcohol?
Would it be morally wrong for a school to search people's bags?
Why is image such a big deal?
Does poverty directly cause crime?
Does money make us happy?
Is art any different than other types of work?
Why is this song stuck in my head?

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Bianka said...

questions answered in the order they appear:
little things become the BIG things people remember. it's oftentimes the little things that make the biggest impact on someone's life.
what's important: the stuff you don't have to buy
reality? face it. it's smack up against your nose. acknowledge it.
yes, it is ok to lie to make someone feel better. but only if it's a little lie. if that makes sense.
people kill people for lots of reasons:mentally unstable, jealously, impulsive act of hatred,desperate, etc.
new ideas, sure. they've just yet to be discovered.
I like to imagine God as being neutral. if you want further explanation, maybe i'll explain at luch or something.
racism over? hmmm...no.
you're not a slacker. you're just not as motivated as some other people.
God does bless everybody. they just don't realize it.
there is absolutely nothing wrong with being number two. don't buy into this number one crap.
goodness of a book? hmmm, developed plot line, syntax, originality, and i'm starting to sound like an english teacher.
illegal things are usually illegal b/c they are wrong or dangerous. unless it's toilet papering.
you should only have gotten confirmed if you felt it necessary, important, or just the right thing.
there is nothing wrong with being different. some people just fear being different so they feel the need to try and "fit in"
everyone is different. so in a sense everyone is targeting each other. it's like Hobbes. (yes, yet another ap euro reference)
pot worse than alcohol? i don't know.
no i don't think it would be morally wrong for a school to search people's bags. i mean, sure they're private but you're not at your house. you're on public property and you reflect the institution. plus the institution has a right to ensure people's safety.
image often reflects the person who you are on the outside.
in some cases, yes poverty does directly cause crime. but not always.
money? well i don't think money makes us happey. self acheivement makes you happier and money is often the result of success.
art is not different than other types of work. it requires the same thing as other jobs: skill and knowledge.
i don't know why that song is stuck in your head.

wow. hmmm. that was long enough.

Samantha said...

Wow, that was the longest comment that I have ever ever seen. Thanks. For all the answears. I think it would be hilarious to make a great big gigantic book of answears. Heh.