Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, yet again.

Remember last year how on thanksgiving eve I blogged about the interfaith service that I went to and how warm and fuzzy it made me feel? Well, I'm not going this year. Apparently this year, it's on Hubbel and West Outer Drive, which is like...dangerous. So no warm fuzzy feelings. Instead, we shall have a rant. Who doesn't love a good rant now and then?
The biggest issue that I have with the world right now is the war. I personally believe that war is never excusable. It's never okay, especially not this one. From what I can tell, the united states invaded Iraq because we were told that there were WMDs. Which there weren't. When we found out that there weren't wmds, we stayed there. I know that this is super oversimplified, but this isn't really about that. This is about religion. I don't understand how war can be okay from the views of any religion. Every religion that I know of says that it's bad to kill people. If it's bad to kill people, then how doe religious wars start? Why can't we just let each other be? Why do we keep on using religion to divide instead of unite? I think that the real cure for the problem of religion dividing would be education. Just teach people how much their different religions have in common, and then they might stop fighting, just for a second. How hard would it be to get all the world leaders to just talk. Not threaten each other with war and whatnot, but just sit their butts down and talk to each other. Maybe the real issue is that no one knows how to listen. None of us have a clue how to really pay attention to what the other countries and the other religions are saying to us. We need to change the conversation from us talking with them to us talking to an extension of us. What's the difference between us and us? Nothing. And when there's no difference between us and us, we all realize that it's not okay to kill each other over the little things.
Have a good Thanksgiving.

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LittleTree said...

wow, it works . . ., I can komment on your bog, thank you . . .Keep asking the questions, but seek the answers.

LittleTree said...

Sam, I will have a wonderful thanksgiving. I like your thoughts on war. You must know that some of the wars are between brothers long dead. Their decendants still carry on the feude. I think I spelled that right. The Good book says that there will be wars and roumors of wars in the last days. I do not know what that means exactly, but i do know it says that. Well, have a wonderful day. continue to write. peace

Bianka said...

i don't think it's religion itself that starts wars but rather the people in or running the religion. they become close-minded and like Philip II-yes i did just make an ap euro reference-they want to dominate the world with their religion. religion doesn't start wars: people do. people using religion, b/c they think it's a valid excuse or something, to achieve what they want.