Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama...

winning is the best early half birthday present ever. Yay!
Why McCain lost: I think John McCain lost because of a ton of factors, some of which were not his fault. First off, he's from the same party as George Bush, right after him, so it was ridiculously easy to make him seem like four more years of the same, which the democrats did very well. I guess his comeback to this was the maverick thing, but that just didn't all. It seemed like Sarah Palin was also part of this "I'm not from Washington. I'm an outsider. I'm not an ass." idea that he was trying to get across, but that didn't really work either. Also, Obama's really charismatic, and he probably could have won against someone who didn't have some of the disadvantages that McCain does.

Also, what? How does stuff like this not get changed like...30 years ago?
Also, hey Rachel! My word count,880 now. Supposed to be...8333? I need to write some more.
Also, tomorrow is GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS DAY. This is a real holiday in Sweden. If you were in AP Euro you would understand how significant this is.

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