Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Two

Is going pretty well so far. I have 2,664 words right now. I'll need to get 3,334 words to make the goal, but I'd really like to get to 5,000 today. I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow and Tuesday, so I might only be able to get 1,000 words for those days. I don't think I'm doing anything Wednesday, but I'll have to see about the homework situation. I'm uber proud that I got 2,412 words yesterday. That's like 3 times as many as I had on the first last year. Yay!
Here's my first paragraph.
Eia walked into the classroom, quiet, observant. She was just taking in everything around her, the white cinderblock walls, the carpet that was the same in every school she’d gone to. The other kids, already in their comfortable routines, staring at her, the outsider. This was the problem with coming in after class had already started, she thought. She should have just skipped this class, waited for the next one.
Super duper exciting, right? I've found that the Plain White T's station on my Pandora is for optimal writing. Right now Flavor of the Weak is on.
Yeppers. Let's all hope that I can stay ahead for the rest of NaNo.

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