Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yay happy fun time

That's a slightly ridiculous title, but I believe that I refered to a time when I had to wait for about two hours and read my APUSH book today as "Yay happy fun APUS reading time" If you can muster a childish voice, you have an approximate idea of what it was like. And then, when I declared what I was planning to do after writing this, it was something like "Yay happy fun APUS reading time...in bed" I'm a really cool person. Promise.
I visited a college possibility today, and I really liked it. I know that college visits are supposed to make you like the school, but I liked it a lot more than the other two schools I've visited. The facilities have been renovated recently, and they have a big furniture collection, and they have a wood shop that's open to everyone and they recently bought the old art museum and are going to show student work there and use it as class space. Also, printmaking. Siriously. It's pretty exciting. And after we looked at the school, we drove around the city with my cousin and saw a house designed by someone* very exciting.
I have a slight urge to mention Harry Potter right now. So, I would like you to realize that the only adults who can really handle deaths of people close to them are the Weaslys. Also, I wish that I could read the Malfoy/Nott conversation. Also, I think Harry Potter was kind of the perfect combination of the right book at the right time with the right promotion. Also, I'm thinking about names a bit and how all of my characters just have random names pulled out of the blue. Maybe this should be changed.
Also**, I like these lights. This isn't terribly relevant to your life, but you can like pretty lights too. I advocate pretty lights for everyone.
*Frank! Lloyd! Wright! Frank! Lloyd! Wright!
**Someone's been using the word "also" far too much. This might be unhealthy.

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Samantha said...

I totally forgot to mention that I also started my dirty dish drawing yesterday. Yay for dirty dishes.

Bianka Rose said...

Frank Lloyd Wright is totally "Yay Happy Fun Time" worthy. And what college are you talking about?

Samantha said...

It was really exciting. I was talking about Kendall.