Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One of those crazy reoccurring blog themes (the ones that are the entire reason you keep reading this drivel) is what makes something good. Not what makes people good or bad, because that's a completely different story, but what constitutes goodness or badness in creation. Machine guns? Guillotines? Books? Language? The internet? Slaughterhouse Five? Glow in the dark tape? Shakespere? Big Brother? Cars? Plays?
What makes them good or bad? Is it meaning behind them? Or social effects? Or is it sometimes a matter of who they help, what they allow to happen?
I just read another webpage with smaller type, and it was inlegibly blurry after a few seconds. I keep telling myself that my sight isn't that bad. if I say it enough, it'll be true.
Another thing I'm thinking about is dreams. I took a nap earlier today and rememberd my dream. Weirdness. But mostly, I was thinking of the other kind of drems, the kind you do or don't follow. I'm wondering what makes people choose to follow dreams and what makes dreams big or small, and mostly, I'm wondering what makes other people say what they say about people's dreams. Any ideas? Because I am curious. That is all.
We are all going.

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