Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yeah, I'm a winner

I have some family visiting for Easter. Tonight, after dinner, my second cousins and their mother were looking through an issue of Vogue*. There was an article about Alexander McQueen and how sad it was that he died. One of my cousins asked when he died. I said he died a couple months ago (wikipedia says February 11th) and one of my cousins asked how he died. Another cousin said that he probably died from a drug overdose or something of the like. I said he committed suicide.
Why do I know more about this guy than they do? I read this article yesterday, but I had heard about him before that. I'm not a clothes person. I wear some variety of the jeans and t-shirt/tank top/hoodie combo the vast majority of the time.
All in all, I think I'll just say that I'm a... extremely well informed person. And that I have a very deep interest in fashion.
Samantha: 1 Cousins: 0

*I believe this also explains the two issues of Vogue that have randomly appeared in my house. They might have left them here.

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