Sunday, April 18, 2010


I like this blog, and I think you should like it too. I think this house is strange, but it's not the pinkness that makes it strange. I think it's the random flatness on the right side.
I'm thinking about inclusion and exclusion and what makes us who we are and how we define ourselves and what we think about ourselves and what we let other people think of us. Also, prom and how it relates to the general hi! school experience. And mirrored tables. And the fact that, until last night, I didn't know that the president of Poland had died or that there was this volcano situation happening in Iceland*. And I want to tell the people who live here that I like their house, but it would come out sounding like "Hey I kinda sorta totally love your house and would you mind if I move in with you I promise I don't take up too much space and I help out with chores please please please let me move in?" and that would be awkward to say.But really, how many people do you know who can rock the pink coffee table like that?
My life is really cool.
I need to write a bunch of historians notebook entries, do a packet, and do my French homework for tomorrow. Rawr.
* And the girl watched as another vital part of her identity threw itself into the wind. She wasn't saddened by this, but she realized that the despair would start to creep in later, when she was alone. For so long, she had been the aware one, the one who always knew these things, and now that part was gone forever.

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Aeromax said...

At least you did something worthwhile this weekend. For me, the highlight of the last three days was changing my IRC nick to TRIANGLE_MAN and posting Unicode triangles in randomly-selected channels.


Addendum: being obnoxious on the Internet is only fun when done in moderation

JOEY said...

I just don't like the coffee table - it is not being rocked. It's awkward. I'm sorry.

Also, angsty footnotes.

Samantha said...

The room would be so sad without the coffee table. It really would be.
The angsty footnote was the best part of the post.