Friday, January 30, 2009

First Week

This was my first week of the first semester. It's hard to explain, so I'm resorting to bullets. I love me some bullets.

  • Commercial Art is cool. Really really cool. I should be finding logo examples right now.
  • Civics is pretty easy. It seems like nobody ever talks, which is sad. Also, half of what we're talking about in Civics is stuff we've talked about in Euro.
  • Totally not fair: We are all supposed to do a little research on a governmental philosopher for civics. One of my friends who's in Civics and Euro was assigned Rousseau. He was Rousseau for this activity we did in Euro, the Enlightenment Salon. I got Plato. I was Joseph II for the Enlightenment Salon. This means that he doesn't really have to do anything for Civics.
  • Biology isn't that exciting. We're learning about cells. I could care less about cells.
    At least I know some people in that class.
  • Having Euro fourth block is probably one of the weirdest things in the world. Seriously, I keep expecting to go to lunch in the middle of class, but the bell never rings. I have A lunch now. I am not hungry at 10:18.
  • QUIZBOWL!!!! We're going to a turnoment in Indiana this weekend. I am so so so excited. Did I tell you that my team got fourth place last weekend? And the other JV team got first? It's really exciting. Really really exciting.
  • I need to pack for tomorrow, do my Euro, do Bio, and probably write something.
  • The January novel thing was a complete and total failure. I have, like, 2,000 words. That is really sad.
  • Also, Stock Adviser.

2 Fab Fans:

AssassinsCall said...

My philosopher was Thomas Hobbes thank you very much...=D

Verisimilitude said...

I'm assuming you have mr B for Commercial art. (I dont know if anyone else teaches it, actually).

The first unit is fun. I haaaated the second unit, and the third is cool (or at least, my chosen project was. I don't know how the clothing project is).