Sunday, November 4, 2007


Because, i thought that caleb needed to feel more involved in the conversation. He’s always so...withdrawn.-Kira, Fifty stories to tell at my funeral

Yeah, the writing is going very sluggishly
I was supposed to have 5000 words yesterday.
Il y a un problem. Crap.

Holy moley, last post was my fiftieth post in this blog. Is it a little sad that the only reason that I'm blogging at all is that I have a curse (Some call it a talent, but it is so a freeking curse) of being able to write all about me for hours and hours on end. The only thing preventing me from making this post freeking long is that I need to read some of this Romeo and Juliet thing, for English. We have to act it out in the front of the room. We have parts. We have swards. The only thing keeping us from going a little over the edge is that we have no costumes. Alas, we will have to pretend. Imaginary costumes....Not working for me, but that's that. Ever get the feeling that my entire so called novel makes little or no sense to anyone besides for me? yeah, ME TOO. It makes little enough sense to me, what with this whole lacking punctuation thing, which maybe makes for some interesting reading ness
I type most of the novel thing with my monitor turned off, in the dark. it's really, really incoherent. Oh well! I have school tomorrow. Crap, where did my weekend go to? Sleep, that's where. Yesterday, I woke up at 12:55.
Yeah. And then I wore my pajamas most of the day. Productive member of society.

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LittleTree said...

Almost one tenth the way through. Keep up the typing. thanks for leading me to this Blog thing. Have a great day. Swimming tomorrow, I hope school is all good tomorrow, I did hear that there was some sort of Bomb threat or something. Well, have a great night.