Friday, November 9, 2007

What? This girl knits?

So, I've just finished a fabulous semi-secret project! It was really quick to knit, would take about two hours or less if I'd had a two hour block of straight knitting time. The pattern and one picture are ready!

Yes, my arms look very chubby in this picture. In real life, I have skinny arms. It's all in the camera angle.
These are a perfect first project, shorter than a scarf, yet long enough to master casting on, knitting, and binding off. I cast on wednesday night, and finished friday, with very little free time for knitting.

Size 11 needles
Any worsted yarn. I just used some black red heart super saver from the stash
Cold hands (or a friend with cold hands)
Gauge: three sts to the inch
Cast on 20 stitches with yarn doubled
Knit in garter stitch for 28 rows (around six and a half inches) with yarn doubled
Bind off
Sew cast on and bind off edges together, leaving an about one and a half inch hole for your thumb
Make second mitt the same way. Go type, knit, or just chill with fab warm hands!

3 Fab Fans:

Suzy said...

Thank you for this! I just learned to knit and am just moving on from making scarves--I think this is the perfect non-scarf project for me!

Nicole said...

I'm a little confused on the leaving a 1 and 1/2 in hole...? How do you do it?

I think Im just TOO new?? sounds so easy. lol


Samantha said...

You sew it up the side most of the way, but leave a hole in your seam that's about 1.5 inches long. Then you sew it up at the top.