Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guts vs. No Clue vs. OMG would you just SHUT UP!

So, today in history I did something of questionable intelligence (this is very much indifferent to average day in history class).
See, I've really only been putting forth effort this year in history through these journal entries (I would so have a picture of my history journal here if I was at home) that we have to do every once in a while. We're supposed to express our opinion on whatever we're talking about in class with 2 4-sentence paragraphs (if I did this in English, let's just say that I would not be here now. I would be dead. Very dead.(a week ago, my English teacher went on a rant (there's lots of rants) about how the Social Studies and Science departments are very lax about good writing, spelling, and grammar. This makes the English teachers very mad)) A.K.A. half a page. I've been writing two or more pages for a while now, in my very conversational writing style (actually, I don't really know about my writing style. I just think I write like I talk. This makes very little sense to people other than me.) This writing is basically the only out of the ordinary thing I do in History, other than being unreasonably loud and kind of obnoxiously (I can't help it, I think it's genetic. just look at my brother(this somehow reminds me of that time in Seminar that Aaron was talking about how his family is all crazy and does head shaking things, along with how he's related to Willy Wonka. Don't ask))
I think my history teacher may actually like reading stuff that I write. WOAH. I'm feeling that my writing is very kickass right now. This is a very good feeling(you know, being on top of the world, you can do anything-ish).
After I was done with the most recent writing assignment, I wrote in my history journal, something along the lines of the following:

Rule #1. Don't judge.
Rule #2.Don't tell the counselors or psychologists about anything I write in here.
This year I'm making an effort to know teachers like real people (you know what I mean?), and I think that part of the way to go about doing that is to tell you about myself, so here goes. I try to tell teachers something about myself every year. Last year this telling about myself was on the back of my science tests, and eventually ended with me going to the school psychologist (dudes, I didn't even know that the school had a psychologist) which was not fun at all. In fact, it kinda sucked, and they all thought that I was crazy. The year before that, I communicated through my English journal, which did not end up getting me in any trouble. The year before that....well...I hated my teacher, but at least LEAP was fun (no more funds for LEAP thanks to No Child Left Behind. I <3 ya bush!). All in all, I am maybe a teensey bit crazy. In a good way.
I have no clue what I want to do with my life. Some of the options in my EDP (educational developemet plan so we can all know what we want to do with our lives in the seventh grade)include Criminoligist, Artist, Writer, Tattoo Artist (this is really just to freak people out),and something else...was it Teacher? I can't remember. Is it kinda sad that I have not a clue about this? Pondering that.

So, that's what I remember writing. If I can, I'll type up the real version and post it here.
Vote for guts, no clue, or OMG would you just shut up! in the comments!
Until next time, Crazyville loves you.

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Okay, I'm using my official ruling powers to decide...OMG would you just SHUT UP!