Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Girl Scouts (with bonus bag pictures!)

I haven't posted about it before, but I'm in Girl Scouts. Last year I was in a normal (if small) troop of girls my age. There were some things that I didn't like about it, which caused me to leave that troop. That troop was the only one in our grade, so I decided that this year, since I have my program aid, I would just join and help out with a younger troop. We had our first meeting of the year today, and I think they really like me, and it was totally fun! Zing!
Here's the bag, which is most of the knitting from last night@ knitting club.

The bag and Richie-poo. Am I the only one thinking "deranged beret"?

The Bag on my feet. Lovely, isn't it? That's exactly how far one skein of Cascade 220 goes when double stranded.

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Sam said...

My dog, my knitting, and my legs are not that pixilated in real life. Just to let you know