Friday, September 9, 2011


Plan A1: Become a wealthy famous JK Rowling.  Drop out of college.
Plan A: Marry rich European man so you don't have to go to college.
Plan B: Go to college, get a degree, then hopefully find a rich european man to marry
Plan C: Live on a bay in Ireland across from Andrea. Swim over to her lighthouse every day so she can bake me cookies.
Plan D: Go to college, get a degree, work....and work for the rest of your life.
Plan E: Make quotes into a marketable product somehow because Samantha always picks the best ones.
Plan F: something involving me making money so I could fund your artness.....shoot what was it? thinking.
Plan G: The above plan of being a therapist's therapist.

Emaline is helping me plan my life out.  I really do like college though.  It's just like high school, except it doesn't suck.

Today I sat in a room full of adults and listened to someone talk about design.  It was very enlightening. This homeskillet was friends with...
wait for it.
What else happened today?  I was late for the bus, I saw a white Lamborghini on the way to school, my professor for Written Rhetoric said that she liked my style, I ate lunch at Christian Club, I went to Design  Drawing where it seems like my perspective is way better than a lot of people's.  I didn't do well on the last homework assignment though.  Then I went to 2-D Design, where I released my neurotic freak self into the wild in an effort to use rubber cement to attach pieces of paper to a piece of mat board in a grid pattern.  It was satisfying.  I still have to do all the lettering on that.  I think I'll do it by hand.  Then I went to the Design West Michigan talk, where the above talk happened.  I saw three of my professors there.  And the dean of my school.  And then I went home.  After I got off the bus, as I was walking to my house, I did some kind of crazy toe-stubbing-tripping-on-uneven-cement action, and now my toe hurts.  A lot.
And then I went on Facebook and Skyped a little and read fan fiction.  I don't have a real class tomorrow. Homework can totally wait.
Sherlock slashfics practically write themselves.

4 Fab Fans:

Luna Moon said...

Sherlock slash fics? Uh...interesting.

Samantha said...

I feel your judgement, Michelle.

Emaline said...

Just doing what I can.
Art school sounds so exciting.

Samantha said...

Thank you. Art school is very exciting.