Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gleecap! Season Three, Episode One

Alternately titled: I really, really like Chris Colfer.  A lot.

I'm super crazy pumped for a new wonderful episode of Glee tonight.  Just so you know.

Overall, this episode was good.  Not, say, Power of Madonna/ Cheesus/ Duets good, but it was pretty good.
Starting this episode, I had pretty high hopes.  I hoped that maybe, since it's season three, the writers would get their act together and it would feel like they actually discussed the show once in a while.  And that every episode written by Ryan Murphy wouldn't suck so much.  And I hoped for more character development on Quinn.  Remember that talk?  Remember the "You get everything you ever wanted, and I get the boy" with Rachel?  I wanted more of that.  I have big hopes and dreams for Glee.  Very few of them are met.

Onto this episode...
Wemma?  Really?  Why do we keep on putting ourselves through this trash?  I almost turned that shenanigans off, but then I remembered that there were good things coming later on.  The introduction of the piano concept came next.  It seemed dumb and very...Schusteresque.  At least they've got his stupid character down pat.
I love when Rachel and Kurt are friendly.  I love it so much.  I love that they have this little joint future going, I love that they're talking to Emma together.   Love love love.
Wasn't Blaine older than Kurt?  I thought he was supposed to be some kind of older gay role model.
Quinn, I liked you for five minutes of last season.  What are you doing?  What happened?
Sue...you are so evil, but no matter what you do, you'll always be better than Will.  You could be kicking puppies, and I would still like you better.
This whole "Santana switching teams" deal is a little bit of an obvious metaphor for her sexuality.   The next note that I've written down is "Santana on table - I see your stripper future."
Did Jacob Ben-Israel actually film Brit's crotch?
This season's "Yay back to glee" number isn't as good as "Empire State of Mind".  Just saying'.
The pepperoni in bra line...Classic, classic Brittany.
This new girl was from Stick It.  The more you know...
This whole song...I like that Kurt and Rachel both like Wicked...but I do not like this song. And the choreography is dreadful.  Take two excellent performers and have them do a number that just...sucks. Way to go.
Since when is Blaine's last name Anderson, except in the Dalton-verse? There is so much Klaine perfection.  So much Klaine perfection, and their BOWTIES.  Sigh.  I love them so much.  Best couple on this show, by a long shot.
A piano would never ever burn that fast.  And I don't like this Quinn in the least.
I am still love love loving Kurt and Rachel as friends.  So much love for that.  That one little clip of Kurt saying that he won't give up on Rachel?  That's going to be my inspiration for NaNoWriMo this year...and for the rest of my life.
Does anyone remember that part of the pilot where Team Sue was standing in the exact same spot as Quinn?  I want that to connect.  I want Quinn to have an identity again.  I want her to get her shit together.   And apparently Beth is coming back, which will further complicate the Glee-verse.  It's good to know that the writers think it's acceptable to drop a storyline for an entire season and bring it back like nothing has happened.  LEGIT.

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