Friday, September 16, 2011

My Friday.

I woke up at an ungodly hour to go to "The Kendall Experience" where I learned about budgeting.  And alcohol.
And then I went and talked to one of my professors about an assignment that I'm going to redo.
And then I redid the assignment.  Loitering in the furniture room.

It's a fun place to be.
And now I'm going to pack my stuff up, go to the post office, probably go to Bigby, and then either go home, or do the productive thing and work a little more on my dimensions assignment.  Last night, I thought that I should have my measuring tape with me so that I can measure furniture at stores.  I didn't remember to put it in my backpack, so I really should stop at home first.  And probably eat lunch.  And then go and work on this thing.  
And then tonight, Derek's visiting!  Yay!
And then tomorrow, Lauren's visiting!  Yay!
College is just a nonstop party.

While I was sitting in the furniture room, loitering, I was listening to a podcast.  I was alone, so I figured that I didn't need headphones.  Someone walked in to the room to use the microwave (we have a microwave and mini fridge.  Being a furniture person has its perks.) It was the Freakanomics podcast.  About suicide.  Awkward.

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