Friday, September 16, 2011


Minipost: n. In between a tweet and a real blog post.

Today at Furniture Club, this couple* who were both designers came in to talk to us.  They were pretty cool.  Gayle, the chair of the department**, asked them to each say the three things that were the most important skills to have in the industry.  She said networking and drawing.  He said drawing.

Clearly, counting is not a necessary skill.

Btw, this is the collection that she designed.  I saw the renderings and sketches.  Pretty legit.

I finished reading A Study in Scarlet*** today.  And I got Sense and Sensibility from the library to read on the bus.  Someone on the bus thought it was funny that I was reading.  I'm not sure why this was amusing.  People read all the time, and I'm currently regarding my commute time as the time when I can read all of the things that I would have read if I was...deeper.  Like Austen.  And Doyle.

*Brangelina if Brad had a southern accent, basically.
**She's the chair of the furniture department.  This is hilarious.  Feel free to laugh.
***All because of Sherlock.  Sigh.

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