Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's only Wednesday.

But at least it's hump day!
And I only have "The Kendall Experience" on Friday, so it's almost like it's Thursday!  Right?
Last night I didn't do any homework.  That was probably a mistake.  And I went to bed too late, so I was feeling a little too tired during Intro to Furniture Design.
Judging by the number of misspellings in this blog post, I should have slept a lot more.
Tonight, I will be getting home, eating dinner (Do I need to go to Meijer?  I don't have any vegetables at home.  Do I need vegetables?  They could probably wait a couple days.) and doing homework.  My homework shouldn't take very long, so when I'm done, I will be sleeping.  It will be glorious.

I still haven't written what I said I would write.  I've drawn some stuff, at least.
I should write more.  But first, I should study for Art History.

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