Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back at home again.

This was my weekend.  It was great.  I went up to camp on Friday, right after I got out of "The Kendall Experience" and got there around 3:30.  No one else was there, which was a surprise.  I'd never been at camp alone before, so that was kind of strange.  It's very, very quiet.  I went to my car, got out my blanket, climbed up into my ceilingbed, and took a nap.  I woke up a while later by someone calling my name.  People!  At camp!  Still, there were only three of us there for dinner, and everyone else trickled in that evening.

 Saturday, we went on a hayride.  When I say "hayride", I mean "Ride on mattresses in the kubota trailer", which is like a hayride, except that it doesn't smell and is more comfortable.
We went to the pipeline, where I hadn't actually been yet this summer.  It was...the same as ever.
I really, really like camp.  Sigh.
Now I'm at home, where I've finally installed Adobe CS all the way (I had to prove my status as a student before I could get a serial number for my copy) and tried to install CAD.  And...I'm going to eat dinner, study for art history, try to work on my 2D project, and hope that everything goes well for my job interview tomorrow.  Not nessecarially in that order.
I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I'll be able to get my act together and get a Fiction Friday up this week.  It's been a while since we've had one, and I...need to get my butt writing more.  Truefact.  How many days until NaNo?

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