Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesum Possum

I could have spelled awesome right, but then it wouldn't visually rhyme.
I got home at 1:55, when school is supposed to end. That was awesome.
I have French last, and I have people in that class. 'Tis awesome. Also, FRANCE.
I have IR before French. It was...okay. The student teacher reminds me of...someone else*...an awful lot.
I have Gym before IR. It's gonna suck.
I have Health before gym. I don't think the teacher likes me very much.
I have Lit before Health. PETER IS IN THIS CLASS, thus, it is amazing. And awesome.
I have Gov before Lit. It's early. Awfully early.
I'm going to finish my objectives and then work on (dun dun dun) art.

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Bianka Rose said...

I'm....so jealous...that you have Peter in your lit class. Keep me updated on the awesomeness.