Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm working on something of a college essay right now. It's very deep. And the prompt was very, very vauge*. And I'm working with my mommy to complete the college spreadsheet of DOOM. What else am I doing? I'm being hugely determined to finish the stupid horrible drawing TODAY. Even if I have to stay up all night. I slept 'till crazy late, so it shouldn't be that difficult. Waking up for school tomorrow will be fun.

It's just occurred to me that I might have AP Gov homework. Yech. And Lit...I have to make punnery happen. Health, nothing. Gym, nothing. Clothes, though. IR? Work on memorization, which I know that I'm going to fail at. French, nothing.
So I went to Cedar Point yesterday. I rode all the big, attraction coasters (Maverick, Dragster, Millennium Force, etc.) and got some people who really hate roller coasters to go on the Gemini. I hate the Gemini so much. Too much brain shakey. Umm...Other than that...It was fun! Yay! Fun time with fun people.
*Something along the lines of "Tell us about your qualities that contribute to your skills as they apply to our university"**
**Actually, that's way more complex than the prompt was.***
***Holy cow, my footnotes have footnotes! This is jazzhands exciting!

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