Friday, April 4, 2008

Three and Three

Three things I like:
Knitting. This should be obvious, but I just really like what I'm making right now. It's purple. It's amazing. It will make me famous. You will love it...All in due time.

My shoes. I got these about a week ago, in a pink and black plaid, with some more stitching at the toes, and I love them so! much!

Yogurt Blast Cheerios. This must be my new food phase. They're amazing. I eat at least two bowls every day.

Three things I dislike:
My Knee. It hurts weirdly, and it's bruised, and I think it's swollen...from crawling backwards on the floor during dance.

Our new dance. So freeking stupid. We sit on the edge of the stage, kicking our feet, slide back, turn around a little, slide back so we're laying on the edge of the stage, then do a backwards army crawl...and this is supposed to be good.

Earth Science. Dear gawd, do I even care about glaciers? No. Do I need to know what the difference between outwash and till is? No. Will this matter to my grade? Yes. GRRRR!

4 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

You should bring a BIG bowl of Cheerios to Earth Science and eat them. Don't do work, pay attention, or do anything productive. Just sit there, nodding your head to a tune no one else can hear, and eat your Cheerios.

Samantha said...

That would work fabulously. I'll just tell them that I didn't finish my lunch.


Andrea said...

That's how you stick it to the man

Miss Hannah said...

Those are some nice shoes! Can't say I've ever tried yogurt blast cheerios, but you've got me intrigued now!
You totally had me with the April Fool's post.