Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, it seems that everyone likes number six. To tell you the truth, my favorite one was number one. Hmm. I'll be changing the blog layout tomorrow or the day after.
Things I am uber hyper excited about!!!!
I! Am! Getting! My! Permit! Tommorow!!!! This will mean that I am technically a liscensed driver. Scary, no? I'll have to drive everywhere from now on...I'll drive to the homless shelter, to the Yarn Harlot, to church on Sunday. Oh, the places I'll go!
Yarn Harlot! Friday! Ann Arbor Public Library! SQUEEE! I will be there, and so will everyone else on the face of the earth. Be there or be square.

I feel like I've been really busy, which is weird, because I really haven't. Hmm. I really need to get writing, my goal was 30,000 by the end of April, and I'm at 17,000

2 Fab Fans:

LittleTree said...

Cool. I am excited for you. do you have your own car, or will you jet the parents car for a while? Have a wonderful day, Peace

Andrea said...

I think you should make the text on number 6 wayy bigger if that is the one you are going to use. Good luck with the layout. You have probably found out by now or will soon that my email was useless.

Man... it's weird. Do you have your permit right now? Gasp. Scary thoughts. :) Haha just kidding. CONGRATS; you can drive. That's sweet.