Saturday, April 12, 2008

In which my camera starts working again!

I saw the Yarn Harlot!!! I made her hold my sock too!
This was a fine example of reciprocal blogging. Stephanie took a picture of the projector, but she thought it was a camera.

I found a boy knitter.And a boy knitter in a kilt.You can't tell here, but I'm touching THE SOCK.
Those among you who are very...detail oriented would notice something of interest here.

In other news:

My book group met a week or two ago to discuss the Life of Pi. A few days after Pi day.
I made Pi.

And I've obtained some new yarn.

And finished the Mata Haris
That yarn above? The green went into this hat. It's not for me, btw.
And now I'm off to work on Super Secret Project some more. That thing is taking forever. I'm going to be buried with the half-finished project in my hands.

5 Fab Fans:

Samantha said...

Geez. Not until now have I realized how sk8rboi I look. Not in a good way.

Andrea said...

I know where you got that shirt!

Man. I have no clue who the Yarn person is... But I saw your picture on her website. Nice modeling skills. I'm jealous.

Samantha said...

be jealous of my mad modeling skillzzzzzzzzz. I don't think that I should be a model anyways. I really hate barfing. You can expect my modeling to be pretty limited to knitwear.

LittleTree said...

Cool you made your HERO's blog. Cool. I am happy for you. The hat looks cool. You are very good at knitting. Peace

Miss Hannah said...

Oh wow you touched the sock! I'm booked to see her when she comes to London in September, can't wait!

Lovely hat and lovely yarns.