Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is going to be a weird and random post

What else is new?
*I imagine everyone on the internet to look exactly like me. Chances are, if I read your blog, and you rarely post pictures of yourself, then my mental image of you is a clone of me. It's weird, I know.
*I'm currently at 10,196 words. It's going well.
*This is what my desk looks like (yeah, I got a new desk a while ago. It's from freecycle.)It's a mess, and I really need to organize...later.
*Some knitting content, finally!That's the Urchin. It looks...interesting. I hope it turns out right.
*The following makes me angry.This is the case for one of the cd's for world of warcraft, which my brother barrowed from my cousin. Apparently the thing on the front is an elf. I think that it's pretty objectifying to women, considering that the elf is not wearing very much in the way of clothes, and certianly looks like she has a human torso.
Would the elf still be magic or whatever while wearing clothes? Yeah, she would. And that wouldn't be selling sex now, would it?
*And in case you were wondering what I'm doing in school
That's my Geometry homework from a few days ago. It's a flash tattoo (from Specials by Scott Westerfield)This is the last few pages of my French notebook. On your right was a banner design that never really made it into being, and on your left....I have no idea what it is. There's a garment design at the top, some kind of asymmetrical jacket.And this is a piece of paper in the plastic part of my French binder. Mr. French teacher, in case you're wondering, I don't doodle in class. I doodle on the papers that we were supposed to illustrate verbs on, but ended up not using all of them...Really.
*We had another snow day yesterday! Third one this season! Woot!That's the view from my deck, in case you were curious.
*Oh yeah. I finished Vanishing Acts and a while ago I read....well...I guess I'm going to have to say the title sometime...Sex God. It's not as dirty as you think it is. It's interesting. Stop giggling.

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LittleTree said...

Sam, who is the book Sex God by?? Is it a guy named Rob Bell?? O well. Do you think I should post a photo of myself on my blog? It will be a blob on the blog possibly, do you think I should wait until I loose weight? Ok enough of that. Have fun, the photos are cool, and I loved the snow day.

Samantha said...

I think it's rob bell. Is he the same one who does the nooma videos?
Yeah, you should post a picture on the blog, but use your judgment, not mine

Andrea said...

The bangs aren't that different, just mostly that my hair has a side part as opposed to the middle part I have had my whole entire life.

What did you do on your exciting day? Sit on anything from Norway?

Bianka said...

lovely post sam. i've always wondered what your new computer desk and view of your back porch looked like. now i know. you totally made my day.

Sisterly Knits said...

o_O My Mom uses freecycle too...huh.