Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Freedom!

It's FRIDAY! I'm writing this from Graphic Arts Tech, where we have flexible Fridays. This Friday soooo does not mean freedom. After school gets out, I have to go to the media center to email something home, since all the computers in graphic arts are on a seperate network than the rest of the school. Then, I get to head over to the real (public) library (my home), where I am so privleged to be able to work on my presentation on 16th century religion. Then, I will probably catch the late bus home (Genius self forgot to get to the late bus on time yesterday. Genius self is maybe not so genius.) where I will be intensly interested in all of the assignments that I slacked off on earlier in the semester. Or not. It's really up to my imagination. I am severly pissed off at history teacher. The beginning of the year was far too simple, everything we were learning, I already knew. Now, her solution is to test us on things that we never learned. Ever. GRRRR. I keep asking tons of questions that I know the answear to, just because I can tell that the rest of hte class is dead, and I feel the need to disrupt things and point out the obvious. Because I can. Heheh.
Bye, I'm going off to browse the NaNoWriMo forums.

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