Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Slacker, and your Point is....

I haven't written in nine days. That feels like forever in blogland. There has been very little knitting happening lately. I've begun swatching for the Endpaper Legwarmers, and I've learnt that fair isle is hard. Very hard, at least for me. I got about six skeins of a chunky red wool/acrylic mix at knitting group on Monday, and they're destined to become a buttony sweater, if I have enough. There was also some soft and shiny blue and green yarn, the stuff I'm using for the legwarmers.
I've been spending an obscene amount of time on the Nanowrimo forums, yet I don't feel as addicted to Ravelry as everyone else is. Maybe it's just what I'm currently super hyped about (NaNo) verses what is currently taking the back burner (knitting.)

I really want my knitting mojo back.

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