Friday, October 5, 2007

Nothing New. If you like SHINY things, bypass this post.

There is nothing new or exciting going on in my life, so why not talk about history? There's an astonishing amount of review going on in history class right now. We read a play about Elizabeth Blackwell today, and we heard about her last May. Not new or shiny. Pathetic.
Note:I actually think that Elizabeth Blackwell was a pretty cool person and that she made a major difference in the fight for equality. I just don't feel the need to spend one whole day (which would be two if we had a normal schedule) reading a stupid play about her.

I honestly cannot think of one thing new that I've learned this sixth-mester (no, english teacher (if you're reading this)I do not think that that is a word.), which is pathetic, considering we're one third of the way through what would be learned in a year. This class is supposed to be teaching from the end of reconstruction to the present. We are currently at the very beginning of the twentieth century! Reconstruction ended in the 1870's, and the current year is 2007, so that's 137 years to study this semester. 137/3=almost 36 years. We should have made our way through 36 years by now, and we've probably done 30. Leave some time for things like wars, and we're going to be at the year 1951 by the end of the semester (if I've done the math right. Math is not my strong point. At all.)

English Teacher just came in and talked to the graphic arts teachers. She saw the blog in the making. And talked about how I wrote "blah blah blah" in my To Kill a Mockingbird annotating notebook. And about free hugs buttons. And probably about how it is wrong and immoral to start sentances with "and".

We're going to the pep rally next. Pep. I am the anti-pep (sometimes). I don't do pep. Apparently when everyone else is yelling "freshmen go home", some freshmen are actually planning on leaving, like they did last year. I don't really see the point in us leaving early, because nobody can drive or anything. Last year they just stood around in the parking lot, which makes no sense. Whatever. Blogging will cease until after school.

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Maria said...

Well....your history class definitely sounds exciting!! =P

Aahhh, bored. maybe I should make a blog too!!

Maria said...


Well...ur history class definitely sounds exciting! =P

Maybe I should make a blog, I get bored a lot online. Weird I know.

See ya at home coming tonight!!

Sam said...

dude, you should totally make a blog. I would read it! Homecoming was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!