Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hotter than the Hinges of Hades

My great-grandmother said that about the weather today, and I thought it was perfect for Alliteration August.
Camp was fantastic. Whenever I get back home, I have this horrible feeling about the real world and the city where I live and I just wish that I could get out.
I don't want to go back to school.
I want to make furniture and make other people live with pretty things. Everyone should have the right to live with pretty things. I want to live with pretty things.
Or maybe I want to ditch the whole furniture thing and make books like this and other ones like this and just stack them up pretty and make people feel united with every other fifth grader who had to struggle through the exact same book and every other first grader who couldn't really read and every other twelfth grader who just wants to read books that make them happy, not books for school.
The concept of serializing is becoming more serious. Would you be interested in it? Would each chapter have to contain sufficent story on it's own? Would they have to be the kind of thing that can be read in a different order than it's written in?
I want to write books that fully imerse you in their world, that are the alternative to reality that everyone needs sometimes.
Does anyone know why there's only Southern Gothic? Why not Northern Gothic? Why not American Gothic?But not, you know, like that. I think it's problematic to put gothic fiction in a box, that's all. And make me feel horribly excluded because I've never lived in the South or had any real liking for the South and Southern things. For instance, Paula Dean.

Do not approve.

2 Fab Fans:

Bianka Rose said...

I'm from the South.
Paula Dean is a bad representative of the South.

Samantha said...

I would not consider you to be a "Southern thing". Do you self-identify as such? Why are you objectifying yourself? I think this shows some confidence issues.

I'm like a shrink, but I don't charge money and I don't actually know anything.