Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Simply Satisfactory Substitute Saturday

I woke up really surprised to find myself alone, then got weird looks from old women standing in a driveway. It was awkward. Then I went home and took a shower and a nap and went to Quiz Bowl, then I went to Michael's and bought some balsa wood and Sharpies and then I went home and now I'm sitting at the computer drinking green tea. This is my life.
Did you know that it's cheaper to buy two ultra-fine Sharpies individually than as a two-pack? Why do you think that is?
Today seems to be going in the direction of a Saturday that actually happens to not be a Saturday. Also, I plan to go to the Flint Institute of Art and the King's on Wayne State's campus this Saturday. Or maybe Friday.
Yay for stalkers.
Hmm...You know what I thought of when I saw this post on Urban Sketchers? You should. And then I clicked around and found out that they had a symposium. My life is AP Euro. There should be a website like that, just like FML or TFLN or MLIHP or, heaven forbid, MLIT.
Does anyone want to to to the Flint Institute of Art with me? Pleasies? I want to see the Tiffany exhibit really bad. I saw the Chihuly* exhibit there, and it was freeking amazing.
Maybe I should be a glassblower if I grow up. Is there much of a market for blown glass furniture? When I designed the furniture in God's house in like...fifth grade, I believe that there was a glass chair. It could happen.
*I spelled that right on the first try. Be amazed.

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Aeromax said...

when blogger gave me the two-sentence preview of this post, it sounded like you were describing a dream. but then you weren't. it would have been cool if you were - unless you have boring normal person dreams about stuff like eating cereal that isn't made of dilapidated Chrysler hubcaps.

also you can reinforce glass with wire but then it will look like it has wire in it. which it does. and that's terrible. unless you could figure out some way to make it look cool. but regardless a glass chair would probably be really uncomfortable. ass and glass do not go well together (educated guess).

unrelated: I hate this phone keyboard where the "erase entire text field durr hurr" button is right next to the apostrophe so I typed this comment 3 times, bloody hell

Samantha said...

It's pretty rare that I remember my dreams, and I'm kind of jealous of people who do. I'm afraid that I have boring dreams though, so maybe it's better that I don't remember.
What if you made what was essentially a wire chair and just covered it with glass? That would be fabulous. I think.

I'm sorry about your phone keyboard situation. Have you been having a good summer?

Luna Moon said...

As I said before: I might be able to go. It depends if I make the hockey team. And at this point? I'm not so sure if I want to.

Samantha said...

Well...It's your choice.