Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Magnificence

This is for Emaline. And everyone else.

My Mom made me laugh.
I made this too.
My teacher, who loves to say "It looks good, but..." dropped the but today for this. It's the same piece you saw yesterday, but with way better value. It looks like shit right now, but if things go well, it will look amazing by tomorrow morning. Yeah, I have a lot of energy. I can kind of conquer the world.
Also, Door Sixteen blogged TWICE today. A sign from the universe, I think.

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Bianka Rose said...

I feel so loved: I was mentioned in someone's blog!!
This is probably my most favorite blog post of yours. Ever. I like it. A lot. I love me some fragments. For the win.
Also, I like your red box with the teapot.
Let's see...what's new in my life? Well, we were driving the other day with the carrier on top and it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing soooo hard that our carrier FLEW OFF in the middle of the road! We had to go out in the rain and get it. My life is so exciting. We're lucky nobody got hit when it flew off and that no one ran into it. Peter challenged me to memorize the entire "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" speech. I just might do it. (Yes, I'm that bored.) Ummm, every time I go to school I can't help but think how much you wouldn't like it here. (Gosh, I'm so obsessed with you. I associate almost everything here with, "Samantha wouldn't like that," or "Samantha would NOT approve." This is what I think about all day apparently.) They call the math hallway at my school the Nazi Hallway and the most I've laughed since I got here was when Spencer called math nerds "Hitler Youth." So naturally I thought of that time on the playground where I did that one salute that's not allowed in Germany today....ummm I'm supposed to be taking a physics class online right now but instead I'm being discurisve and rambling on your blog comment section. (Is there a limit for these things? I should find out. By experience of course.) I need to volunteer 135 hours to get a credit. I'm thinking of this place called the "Hairy Moose." It's an animal shelter and they take care of animals (Imagine that). Sound good? I need your approval apparently, too. I'm hoping to graduate early....and I think you should go to Nationals this year so I can come see you in Atlanta. I'm running out of things to say....uhhhh...oh! The quiz bowl team. (It would not be a long comment from Emaline if I did not mention Peter, Spencer, and quiz bowl. This is how you can tell it's really me and not someone else. In case you were randomly thinking it was someone else...) Well, their entire team (yes, they only have 1) graduated last year except for one it'll be me, this person, and some novices. We will suck and I will probably look like a Neil Gurram and then I will have to owe Peter $20. I made this bet with him that when I came down here I wouldn't be the best player on the team, but Peter said I would and so we shook hands (stupid, right?) on the it. Dangit. I don't have $20 to give Peter. Poooooo. The coach seems nice...yeah, OK, I'm done. I hope this isn't too long or boring for you.

Bianka Rose said...

Did you get my last comment? The really long and rambly? (Is that a word? I kind of like it.)

Samantha said...

Not only did I get your last comment, I got your last comment TWICE. It was awesome.
Once, we had a trailer fall off our car while we were driving. It was epic. You should memorize all of Sinners in The Hands of an Angry God, and then memorize Cross of Gold, then the Gettysburg Address, and then you will know everything there is to know about American oratorial tradition. Win!
Why wouldn't I like Tennessee? I'm getting very worried about my post-hi! school plans now that you've said that. Are your parents planning on moving again a year from now? Otherwise, I'm screwed. (Everyone's obsessed with me. It's okay.)
You know who was in the Hitler Youth? THE POPE. What.
Why do you have to take physics online? Is your school so ridiculous that they can't handle teaching physics irl? God, even we can do that.
(I don't think there's a limit on these things. At all.)
Hairy Moose is a terrible name for an animal shelter. Just thought you'd like to know.
I hope to go to Nationals this year.
(why would someone else comment on my blog and pretend to be you? Is this a trick?)
You are Neil Gurram. You're a winner. Does the coach like you? Are there any brown people on the team?
The comment wasn't too long or boring. Actually, it wasn't long or boring in the least. Win!

Bianka Rose said...

Nice. I wish I could say that I did that on purpose, but alas I cannot.
I think it'd be cool to know everything about the American oral tradition. Maybe I will do this.
Because. They have an elective focus. And they make you pick a path and your electives are all related to this "path." Like they have one for design and technology, etc. They make you decide things too early. Plus they have an ROTC program and I just remember you didn't like it when the Armed Forces and such came to recruit at Novi.
My parents are not planning on moving...but my dad's company is the ultimate authority when it comes to that, so ask them for more details.
(This is reassuring. I feel much better about it.)
Was he really!? This is shocking, but it makes sense.
My school does not offer physics. BUT they do offer intro to vet science....which I'm still trying to understand.
(That is awesome. Maybe I'll have to leave you abnormally long comments on a regular basis. I will take advantage of this.)
That's what I thought...but it still sounds like a good place to work. Although Spencer is trying to convince me to volunteer at a museum. I don't know which one I want to do!
(well, just in case your imagination runs wild.I don't know.)
The coach does like me! I am a fine arts person and the other 1/2 of my team is a math/science person. Together we will DOMINATE. Maybe. I really like this idea of me being Neil Gurram.
There are no brown people at my school. It's like...snow it's so white down here. With some Hispanic people, too, but mainly just white. No cultural diversity. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.