Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take a picture, it'll last longer

That title had nothing to do with the post, but I saw two posts in my blog feed with the same title, so I figured that I should jump on the imaginary bandwagon.
Really, the title should be "If I don't write this, it will irritate me to no end."
We had an epic quiz bowl tournament today in Indiana. Indiana is a little bit like Ohio in that it's mostly a corn field. We came in second in our division of varsity, which sounds a lot better than it is. Anyways, on the way home, we were playing Mafia, which I trust that you've played in some form before. If you don't understand it and have a burning desire to find out how to play, ask in the comments. While we were playing, I accused someone of being in the Mafia, as did a few other people. They had a chance to make a case for themselves, in which they said they didn't do it, then made the sign of the cross and said that they didn't do it and wouldn't lie about it. We all voted to convict them anyways, and shortly thereafter, they said (to no one in particular, or maybe towards me) that people didn't take religion seriously anymore. I was kind of dumbfounded.
If you take your religion so seriously, why are you bringing it into a game? It is just a game. It does not matter. If your religion is something that you do take seriously and it does matter to you, this is not the time to talk bring it into question. I said that I thought they were full of crap for pulling the "I'm a religious person" argument. There are a lot of religious people who have done bad things, significantly worse than trying to win a game. Saying that you follow a religion does not make you a good person, that's something you have to prove through your actions, not your label. No, it has nothing to do with what religion you choose to follow. There are people who have done bad things who have followed my religion too, and I'm not a good person simply because of my religion.
I'm done now.

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Bianka Rose said...

Great points. Sooo true.
Out of curiosity, who said that??

Samantha said...

Emily. Does it seem like something she would say?

Bianka Rose said...

Hmmm....yes, sort of.