Friday, November 6, 2009


I have the humor of a boy who has gotten to the point where they know about sex and get dirty jokes, but haven't yet understood that sometimes you need to stop.
We were talking about l'imparfait in French today, which is a verb tense that means you did something or used to do something. One of those things was sleep (dormir is the infinitive, for the curious among you) so, being a generally curious person, I asked if je dormais avec so and so (I slept with so and so, I used to sleep with so and so) would mean just sleeping, or doing something else. Apparently it would mean doing something else, but you could also say that you went to bed with so and so. That's something you should keep in the back of your mind, in case you ever need to say that you slept with someone in French. Actually, that could come in handy.
And I just made the first dirty joke in my NaNoWriMo. I am consistently surprised by how long it takes for things like this to come up. Remember how I got to like, 20k in the Milton thing before I mentioned Machevelli?
My life is so interesting.

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Ben said...

I learned sleeping with someone as "se coucher" or "to go to bed".
Donc, Je me couchais avec elle- I was sleeping with her. Nous nous coucheons- We were sleeping together.
Just throwing in my two cents!

Samantha said...

Do you really have to use the reflexive version for this?