Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to the Future

I really do love the Back to the Future movies. But they're not completly relevant to this post. Deal.

I started school yesterday. It was fine, pretty uneventful. My first class was World History, which made me nostalgic for Euro. Euro was amazing, but I don't think World History will be as good. But we watched a video today that said "From the office of Charles and Ray Eames" at the beginning, which made me a little bit more excited than I should have been. I mean, Eames videos for school!?!? It wasn't as good as I expected, and it had nothing to do with their furniture, which made me a little sad. Next time, we are watching a video about furniture, not get my hopes up with the Eames intro and have it be about scale.

And then I went to French. I haven't taken French since I was a freshman, and that's a longer gap than anybody else in the class. Win, there. Actually, I'm worried. But we got French names, and mine is Margot. Sort of like Margo.

It's the little things that matter.

And then I went to APUS, which should be a good class. A pretty small one too, only 17 people. We did this activity about a house that is now in Greenfield Village. Apparently Henry Ford was walking around, pointing at houses that he wanted to buy and haul off to Greenfield Village, and this house was one of them. His people took some pictures of the outside, took the walls apart, and sent it to Dearborn, where it sat in storage for thirty years. Then, someone finds it and decides to put it back together to display it. They have no idea what it looks like on the inside, because they didn't take any pictures of the inside. THEY DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES OF THE INSIDE. Why would you do this? They had cameras, at the very least, they could have drawn out a floorplan or something. What was wrong with these people?

Physics should be good. My teacher is really into the idea of our class being a family (yes, this reminds me of freedom writers. Not sure if that's good or bad.) I was sort of in awe today when he explained how much he loves physics. It started out like "You guys are so lucky to be taking physics. Out of all the sciences, what? Chemistry, it's all based around the atom, and the atom is just modern physics. Biology, that's just classifying stuff. But physics, physics is everything."

And then QuizBowl, where I felt completly out of it. Just all unmotivated and horrible. Ehh... I'm going again tomorrow, and it has to be better than this!

I feel like I'm adjusting to school much faster than I have before. It's the second day, but it feels like I've been here weeks. Huh.

4 Fab Fans:

Bianka Rose said...

Yeah, it doesn't seem like the first few days of school.
Who do you have for Physics?

Samantha said...

I have Langley. I am now wondering if he ever googles himself.
I'm wondering if not having it feel like the first few days of school is a common feature in junior years, or if it's just, like, us.

Luna Moon said...

We did the Greenfield Village thing in Civics too (it sounds familiar). Or US History freshman year with Bryen... one of the two.

Samantha said...

I think it would make more sense to do it in US history than in Civics. Civics doesn't have much to do with primary documents and analyzing sources.