Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm thinking about my NaNoWriMo right now. I have ten characters (well, I will have ten. Now, I have five) which is pretty much record breaking. I think the real purpose of this year is to make me a better writer. Their are more characters than I normally have, they should all be presented in somewhat different styles, and most importantly, there will be dialogue! And descriptions!
You should be excited too.
But I'm not sure if I like it. I mean, the whole plot is the sort of thing that could be good when done right and terrible when done wrong. I suppose that's true with most book concepts, but it's especially obvious with this one. It's a bunch of characters who are each linked to each other, but they don't see the bigger picture of how they're all linked together. That explanation doesn't make sense, does it? It's like a chain. The first link doesn't realize that it's linked to the last one, just to the second link. So when one person does something, they're affecting all the other characters, but they don't really think of that.
What do you think about that idea? Should I ditch it and write something that takes place entirely in one person's head *cough*Milton*cough* like I always do? Should I go the fantasy route, even though I don't really like to read fantasy? The exceptions to this are Harry Potter and As You Wish, which is considered urban fantasy, probably why I like it. The main issue with me and fantasy is that it too often avoids thinking of the characters of people who have normal feelings and normal reactions by just thinking that it doesn't have anything to do with reality. Or should I write science fiction? I've always sort of thought of that as an extension of fantasy...
Before I started writing this post, I had a very concrete idea, but now I have crazy random concepts swirling around me and not a clue what should actually happen.

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Aaron said...

Your idea sounds like a chaotic system in the form of a book. You should name one of the characters after Henri Poincaré or Aleksandr Lyapunov.

Make a flowchart with all of your crazy random concepts branching off in all directions.

I have a pretty clear picture of what will happen in mine; I can't wait to write it.