Friday, December 16, 2011

Semester in review?

Is it weird to do a semester in review mere weeks before you write your year in review post?  Should they just be lumped together?  Are they fully seperate, or is it a more integrated, holistic thing?  Did I accidentally schedule three quote of the months for the same day?
Does anyone really care?
I'm going to lump them together.  I'm lazy.
This year:  OH MY GOSH, SO MUCH FREAKING DYING.  Hi guys, let's all set a goal for 2012 and call it "STAY ALIVE, FOOL"  We're not going to die next year.  Three people from my family, three people from school.  That's enough, kthnx.
This semester: I learned a lot.  I felt like a failure a lot.  I probably did the best in Written Rhetoric, which I'm slightly worried about.  Does this mean that I should reconsider my whole life and all my choices ever?  YEP.  Does it mean that I'm going to change anything?  NOPE.  Is this all for the best?  Probably.
I hated 2D with the firey passion of a thousand suns, but I passed it.  I was okay in Intro to Furniture, and I generally liked Design Drawing.  Apparently DD is supposed to be really difficult and everyone hates it.  I guess I am an anomaly?  I figured that out a while ago.  Also, ART HISTORY.  It was wonderful.  Like, awesome.  Sigh.  Art history.
What else do I have to say?  Some sweeping statement about how I've grown and changed and become the person who I am today through perserverence and DAMNIT, I QUIT NANOWRIMO AND SOMETIMES I HATE MYSELF FOR IT.

Yeah.  I'm feeling a little erratic right now.  I'm going to go write.  Or sleep, for that matter, since I've been up for a while.  Maybe a Fiction Friday?  Maybe a Fiction Saturday?  Who knows!  The possibilities, they're endless!

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