Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have a plan.  I'm going to be a beast in the rest of this class, then I'm going to leave school, go to Lowe's, get the stuff I need for my table project situation, go home, sleep forever, then wake up.  If I wake up early enough, I'll work on the table model for a while.  If I don't, then I'll just go to work.  After work, I'll go and study my butt off for art history for a few hours, then come home and do some squares.  Then art history.  Then more squares, and I have to rewrite a paper at some point.

Fun weekend, eh?  I'll have time next weekend to do fun stuff, like write the awesome novel of awesomeness that will be so awesome, and...probably just do that.  I'll go home at some point too.  I mean , I have to.  I have a legal obligation to be home for Christmas and make an appearance at the New Year's Day party.  

I'm thinking a lot about social interaction and the anatomy of friendships and such lately.  Moral of the story: I think the only reason it feels like I'm barely doing anything social at all is that I spent all summer constantly surrounded by people.  And I need to make more friends in GR.

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