Friday, December 23, 2011

I just wanted to show you

My four favourite A Softer World comics of all time.
In chronological* order.
Here They Are, Love.
I might've just posted this on my blog so that I could close out of the tabs on Chrome and not feel like I was losing something.  Maybe.
Let's forever remember December 22, 2011 as the day Door Sixteen, who I love and adore, tweeted me.  Let's also remember it as the day I looked like an idiot in front of her.  NBD.
Also, big things are happening in the future involving fiction.  And it'll probably be very exciting very soon.  I'm pumped for it, pretty much.
Christmas is the day after tomorrow.  That's odd, isn't it?  I mean, I'm sitting three feet away from my Christmas tree, but it doesn't feel like Christmas yet.  Is it the astonishing lack of snow?  Is it the fact that I haven't sung any carols this year?  Who knows.  Huh.
*I spelled "chronological" right on the first try.  Like a boss.

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