Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mood: Mildly productive

My car is mildly broken.  Have I mentioned that to the internet yet?  The power steering is not working, so, while drivable, it is really, really difficult to steer.  Not that steering is important or anything.  From what I understand, it's either some tube that's leaking or it's the pump that's broken.  Or...the entire steering thing is broken.  The tube would cost around $40, the pump would cost around $150 and the entire steering thing would cost around $holycrap.  So...I hope it's just the tube that's broken.
I've been feeling mildly productive today.  I woke up late, had breakfast (the macaroni and cheese on a bagel concept.  It was interesting and carb-a-licous) and then studied some for Art History.  I have a test on Monday.  It'll be alright, I think.  We had a quiz that the teacher said would be an indicator for the test, and I got a 94% on that.  I wrote a little bit (a very, very little bit) as well.  And then I got dressed and went on a bike ride and called my mom (Little broski is going to homecoming tonight.  How cute!) and then I got home.  And then I blogged.
Last night I did social things and redid an old Design Drawing assignment.  I have a B+ in that class, but if I redo a few assignments, I think I can have an A.  I really want an A.  I'm proud of myself for doing both of these things.  Tonight...I want to get all the pencil drawings done on my Intro to Furniture assignment and do the most recent Design Drawing assignment.  That way, I can go to school tomorrow to scan the furniture thing, practice some rendering, study more for art history, and maybe redo another Design Drawing assignment that I got like...a B- on.
I think I'm doing okay in school.  Written Rhetoric is super easy, Art History is getting better, Design Drawing is alright, and I've made a slight breakthrough in 2D.  The class that's causing the most worry is...Intro to Furniture.  We don't have that many assignments, and...I just want to know how I'm doing.  This is furniture.  This is my major.  I love it, right?
I sometimes wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

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LittleTree said...

what could be the other thing you would do??

Samantha said...

Writing. But there's no security in writing, and that scares the bejezus out of me.