Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gleecap. Season Three, Episode Three

I can hear you asking me right now "Why, Samantha, do you not have a Gleecap for episode two?" Well, I had notes for that episode, so that I could write a review.  I put them in my backpack.  They have not been seen since.  This is a source of great distress to me, and I'm working through the issues to the best of my abilities.  All I really remember is the giant huge crazy stressful Klaine cliffhanger.  Which, of course, was wrapped up in this episode.

Anywho, here goes.  I love the beginning bit.  Santana's back!  She's growing on me. Like a slutty fungus.  What is this focus on Mercedes all about?  I'm not used to her being treated like a real character, just like an extra who's there every single week.   I hate Mr.Schuster.  Still.  And I am shocked by the concept of Emma having parents.
Figgins:  You are brown*.  You should understand the Asian F.
I love Mercedes having a love interest.
Next, in rather large letters, I have written "Shake the foundation of Rachel!"  So...I think we know how I feel about that one. that outfit empowering?  Really?  I think not.
Mercedes...Finger to the forehead.  Damn.
Bieste is awesome.
DO NOT MEET THE PARENTS. are so BA.  Mwahahhaahahaha.
I love this song.  I guess that the whole "Mercedes having a plot" bit was just building up to this?
MIKE CHANG OH MY GOODNESS.  You're having the "Parents, I'm going to be an artsy person" conversation.  I had that conversation too, about two years ago.  I feel for you.  "We earned that part"  Um...okay Mom.
Kurt's comment was great, about how people will talk about this forever.   I love Kurt.
Have I mentioned that I greatly dislike Wemma?  Because I do.  Her parent's are horrible.  And they said something about redhead "heading" down the road they're on.   Lolololol.
Rachel Berry, rainbow flag in the locker.

And then, at the end of the episode, something random struck me as "OH SNAP" worthy.  I can't remember what it was.  It probably wasn't earth shattering.

So...Other than Glee.  Things have been happening in my life. Um....They're really cool.  Art History regularly causes explosions in my brain (the good kind) and makes me think about the universe in new and exciting ways andsometimesIconsiderswitchingmajorssothatIcanbeahomelessstarvingweirdowholikesfurnitureandhasaPhDinarthistory AHEM.  And Design Drawing is lovely.  2D is kinda dumb.  And I got my papers sorted out for my new job, so that should be starting soon.  I still don't know people who I can hang out with outside of school, and the fact that most of the people I've met don't have cars doesn't really help with that situation.  Still, I really like school.  Yay.  Derek is coming to visit this weekend, getting here tomorrow night, so that's awesome.
Other than that....Um...Apparently my blog has a lot of words.  For people who are used to tumblr, at least.  Sorry guys.  I like words.  A lot of them.  AND NANO IS COMING UP WOOOHOOO GUESS WHO HAS A PLOT.

I might have ADHD.

*Is it racist to say that?

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