Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 I was going to go to the gym but I didn't.  I was going to do work but I didn't.  I was going to live my life but I didn't.
So it goes.
I'm taking my lifegaurding test tomorrow.  I'm worried about it.  But I worry about everything.  I'll be fine.  Right?
I've been doing a little more work on the Novel.  Sometimes I like it and think that it's my baby and it's perfect, and sometimes I hate it more than anything.  It's a good thing that I don't exhibit any characteristics of bipolar disorder, right? 
Today my sociology class visited an elementary school in Detroit.  They had four things that my school doesn't have: windows, glitter, metal detectors, and recess.
I have an overwhelming urge to go to Finance tomorrow and do some day trading.  Day trading that involves no actual money.

I loved this typography inside the Eiffel Tower
There were random gas pumps on the street.  I thought it was weird.  And gas was crazy expensive.

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LittleTree said...

Sam, you will do well . . . and you will continue to grow and engage this crazy world . . . and you will win . . . I have enjoyed your photos of france and I am looking forward to the stories . . . peace

Bianka Rose said...

You will ace that test.
Ooooh, pretty writing.

Samantha said...

Thanks, Mr. Stotler. Thank you.
I did ace that test. Well, I passed. I don't know what my score was, but I did get a few wrong.