Monday, April 11, 2011

Finance is such a party

And when I say "Party" I mean "A class where I have computer access and don't have to talk to anyone" they're practically the same thing.

Anyway, I plan on spending the rest of the month gloating about France.  It'll be great, but now is not the moment when that is happening.  For serious here.  Being in France made me realize just how much I need to leave the place where I am now.  I need something to get me out of here, to the point where I'd never have to go back.  As we know, I have three routes out of my situation.  They've convinently been named A, B, and C.  So, in short, I'm spending an hour every night this week editing last year's NaNo.  I feel like it has something, like it wouldn't make someone vomit.  Winning.  Yeah.
This was a fantastic blog post.

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LittleTree said...

Sam . . . you are going to do good . . .