Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No, the topics aren't supposed to be relevant

First, design. I've been thinking a lot more about design and houses and such lately. I really have no idea why this is happening, but I've been frequenting a few new websites/blogs on the topic.

Chez Larsson- Her house is unnaturally organized. It's sort of scary, sort of inspiring. The latest entries are about...uhh...scones, but check the archives.
Design*Sponge- You get to look at people's pretty houses and DIY projects. I want this desk, but have nowhere to put it. Tragic.
Door Sixteen- Making house pretty and sometimes random pictures.
Decor8- Random cool stuff, mostly interior designey.
Living Small- Focuses on how living a smaller, more sustainable lifestyle.
The Cool Hunter- Okay, this is just one page, but OHMIGAWD, I LOVE THE SECOND ATTIC!!!!!!!
White Furniture- Awesome furniture, but I think my grandparents have the originals in their basement. It's a little too retro.

Second, making the world a better place to be. What would happen if we all went outside and talked to each other for an hour (all at the same time) every week? What would happen if we all decided to change the world? What would happen if we stopped worrying about what other people thought of us?
I'm not really great at anything. I have accepted this. I'm never going to be in the Olympics, or be the President, or whatever. What I can do is change the world in a few small ways and make it a better place to be.
No Impact Man blogged about this once. He's pretty awesome.

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