Thursday, May 31, 2012

Passive-Agresssive Pantslessness

Or, in which I entirely alienate my only sibling.
My brother has a vendetta against pants.  As in, he spends a great deal of his waking hours in the absence of pants or a shirt, wearing only underwear.  This is irritating to me.  My response, first, was to ask him to wear more clothes.  After asking this a few times and garnering no response, I just took my pants off too.
And that's why I was sitting on the living room floor, playing Settlers of Catan, in my underwear.
The problem is, though, that I feel really self conscious when I'm not wearing pants.  When I have my legs turned at a certain angle, my hips look wider than normal and I have full view of the stretch marks that decorate the outside of my upper thighs.  It's terribly sexy.  Not that I'm trying to have sex appeal while I'm playing board games with my family, but it's nice to not be freaking out about my legs.
And my pantslessness makes no difference in my brother's pants status.
Pants status.  Pantstatus.  Pantstus.
I've been arguing with my brother more lately.  The newness of me being in Novi has worn off, and I've sided with my parents in the main conflict that they have.  He's making choices that I think he's going to regret later, and he doesn't like being told so.  I would want to stay detached, but at the same time, I care about him, and I worry.
I've been exercising more lately.  Not seeing any physical results yet, but I'm feeling stronger and I feel like I have more endurance, even if I can't run/swim any faster.  So that's a thing.  I hope that I'll be able to keep it up when I'm at camp and back in GR this summer.

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